Collection: Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscriptions work best when you want to forget about buying food for your dog for the month.

Subscriptions work out cheaper than the one-time orders. Can always be paused or cancelled, we will refund the remaining amount, no questions asked! 

Choose the size of the subscription based on how much your dog eats. Guidance here or better, reach out for a personalized recommendation (Chat / ContactUs)

Every fourth day, a PawtBelly package will be delivered to your doorstep. So 8 deliveries in a month.  Don't worry about the freshness, the vacuum-sealed food can sit in your fridge happily for a week, ready to be eaten!

All our products are formulated by specialist.

Perfect for sharing the love with your pawsome's. Give the perfect meals to your loved onces.

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Why Fresh food?

Benefits of feeding Fresh food to your dog!

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