Fussy Eater

We have all been there.

Won't eat this or that.

Will eat only by hand.

Won't eat for days.

Will only eat something specific.

Will, Won't, Will, won't.

The first two need a deeper look-in

For the rest, Pawtbelly is the best solution

It happens because

There is a medical issue
He is stressed out

Is not getting the right nutrition
Is bored of eating the same food every day
Kibble has turned rancid

It's a big responsibility, being able to define life for your dog. We owe them the best we can do.

- Prashanth B

Why our products?

Good for you

We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best.

Made to perform

Breakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly.

100% transparency

We provide information around what's in our products and why.

It’s time to do our best!

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