Cooking for your dog

To Cook or not to cook

Why you can't

  • You want to cook for your dog, but may not prefer to, because you are a vegetarian yourself
  • You want to cook for your dog, but have too much work already!!
  • You want to cook but not sure what to cook for the dog
  • You are cooking but man, are you just cooking up all the wrong stuff!?

And why you should

  • Processed food is slowly killing your dog
  • Bioavailable Natural, Real food just cannot be replaced by any high-end kibble
  • Your dog will love it


What if we told you there is a way?

Here comes Pawtbelly to your rescue!

We cook for your dog

We deliver it to your home

We take care its balanced in nutrition

We make it with a loooooot of love

Happy Dog, Happy you!


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