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Our Customer Stories

Over the years we have built a tribe, a family that we are proud of


Tyson is a foodie like both of us. As he was growing older, we wanted to ensure we give him a balanced diet. Pawtbelly has made him super active and he loves the food. The food has helped him be healthy & I don’t remember the last time I worried about his food. Here is Tyson demanding for his day’s share :)

— Tyson and Madhu


Our Loopy loves her food a lot more now. She savours it (I kid you not), going by now and again during the day to check if she left a crumb or two, giving any empty bowls a wishful lick! The food is clearly more healthy than her ex-food - kibble. The coordination with the monthly subscription is just right - I don't have to do anything, you deliver when we're a meal away from being done. We love it right along with her. Thank you!

-Loopy and Family


My dogs love it and eat it without any fuss - which is a big deal! I've seen an improvement in their energy levels and digestion. Delivery is timely and the subscriptions are a very good balance of cost and quality. Highly recommended!

— Prakhar, Odin, and Oscar

Why Choose Pawtbelly?

100% Natural

We do not use any Chemicals or Preservatives. No colors, No taste enhancers. No fillers, no dead diseased ingredients.

Minced-Bone Recipes

Your dog's food cannot be complete without the natural balance of bones in it. Calcium and phosphorus done right with minced bones makes Pawtbelly the perfect meal.

Human-Grade Quality

All human grade ingredients, almost like sharing your plate with your dog.

Home Delivered

Forget worrying about your stock. We deliver a fresh batch every fourth day.


Ordered the chicken meal for my dog patches who absolutely polished her bowl every time. Delivery was easy and Pawtbelly's personal communication with customers is a lovely touch. Overall very satisfied.

— Adwitee and Patches


To tell in short PB is a life saver for me. It was really difficult for me to feed Titan as he was least interested in eating his food and usually it use to take 20 min to finish his food. Now things are much different. food is finished as soon as it's out in bowl. And food quality is really good. I will definitely recommend PB!


Why our products?

Good for your doggo

We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best.

Made to perform

Breakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly.

100% transparency

We provide information around what's in our products and why.