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Born out of love for Django, our founder. We make great dog food. And sell online. So that you don't have to fret about trying dog food brands, the one for your dog breed, balance of nutrients, the best wet dog food, or the best dry dog food, dog food prices, or spend hours in the kitchen cooking.
Django showed us what we couldn’t see earlier, that he needed food that was real, fresh, balanced, and most important (for him), tasty. There is no denying he lives to eat, and when he said a hard no to processed kibble, we had to do something about it! He is worth all the effort of building a great product.
So when you place an order with us, do tell this story to your dog and tell him/her that Django says hi, and that he made us work pretty hard.
It matters to your dog.
  • Mildly Cooked  
  • No cancer-inducing chemicals/preservatives                             
  • Tested on humans                                         
  • No dead, diseased animals, no rotten carcasses.
  • Only Human grade Meat, Bones, Organs, Eggs, Vegetables, Grains, our own Nutri-mix
  • Take the home-delivered pack out of the fridge and put it in her bowl