How it works

  1. Kiss your dog.
  2. Seriously, do it.
  3. Choose a plan as per your dog's taste and weight.
  4. We get back to you with the earliest available slot for delivery.
  • We deliver in the mornings and evenings, 7 to 9. We will inform you about the availability of slots in your area. This helps us serve your dog freshest possible food, made to order.
  • If you order a monthly or weekly subscription, we will deliver food every 4th day morning, the quantity depends on the subscription you have chosen. 
  • It is not essential to heat the food, take your pick!  
  • The food needs to be refrigerated under 3 degrees at all times. Freezing is your choice.
For more FAQs, visit here. If you want to talk to us, message or call Prakash R S  at 8147140944.