Storage & Feeding Guidlines

Storage :-

  • Please refrigerate the food under 4 degree centigrade at all times.
  • Pouches are not microwave - safe please don't use directly in micro-oven.
  • Use within 12 hours of opening.
  • Don't use if the pouch is puffed or leaking.
  • You do not need to freeze it, but if you wish to store beyond the self life(7 days from the delivered date), please freeze it. Its good for a month then and then keep in fridge 12 hours before serving.




Feeding Guidelines:-

It is a best practice to slowly introduce new food to your pet’s diet. Start with a small amount and mix it with their current food to test for any reaction.  Over a period of 4 days slowly introduce more and remove more of the old food with each feeding.  If after mixing, you and your dog feel comfortable with the transition, you are all set to go all in. Sudden feeding may result in an upset stomach because this food is extremely nutrient-dense. Call us at 8147140944 for help. 
  • Day 1- ¼ (~25%) of their current daily meal with our meal.
  • Day 2- ½(~50%) of their daily intake meal with our meal.
  • Day 3- ¾(~75%) of their daily intake meal with our meal.
  • Day 4- (~100%) from and then completely by PawtBelly meals.