"At our first consultation with Sindhoor, we chanced upon a pamphlet of Pawtbelly by Tanushree Raj . Obviously, lazy me got all excited to save myself from the cooking and I connected with her. Did a trial and then switched over to a regular package. And am I glad I did!!! Meeting Sindhoor had already educated me on the wrongs I was doing with Mango's diet. Getting his food from Tanushree corrected that for me.

Not only is the food of very good quality, but her punctuality in delivering and her openness in adapting to individual dog's need are amazing traits. Anyone looking for hassle-free food options for their babies, I hope you do connect with her!"

-- Pooja and Mango, Bangalore

"Our Loopy loves her food a lot more now. She savours it (I kid you not), going by now and again during the day to check if she left a crumb or two, giving any empty bowls a wishful lick! The food is clearly more healthy than her ex-food - kibble.

The coordination with the monthly subscription is just right - I don't have to do anything, you deliver when we're a meal away from being done. We love it right along with her. Thank you!"

-- Sangitha and Loopi, Bangalore

"Khloe tried the wholesome chicken meal. She loved it. She says 'WoofDelicious'!!
The food is very fresh and nutritious. Superfood ingredients like Wheat Germ are just made for health conscious dog parents. It's best 'food finds' for their babies! I would highly recommend!
Thank you PawtBelly!"

-- Aravind and Khloe, Bangalore

"Our fussy dogs loved the fish-o-oats you made, for the Pet Social booth.
Thank you

-- Vidhu, Bangalore

"Thanks to you guys, I'm pretty sure Zoe eats more healthy than we do. And with the way she eats her meals these days, we have one less bowl to clean! So, thank you Pawtbelly!"

-- Lynel and Zoe, Bangalore